February 2023 letter to our community

1 February 2023

You may remember my many appeals for donations to our cause as we neared the end of 2022. Despite the generosity of many of you – which we greatly appreciated – our giving fell by nearly 30% in 2022. Unfortunately, that’s much too large a decline for “business as usual,” so we’re taking the following actions effective today, February 1, 2023:

•  We’re reducing the frequency of our relationship group meetings on Zoom. For years we’ve offered them every Wednesday and every Sunday, all year long. For now they will instead meet only on the first and third Wednesdays, and the first and third Sundays, of each month. As a result, there will now be four meetings each month, down from roughly nine. If you’re a current or past participant of these groups, you’ll get more information by e-mail, and at our meetings tonight (Wednesday, February 1) and on Sunday the 5th.
➜ Updated meeting schedules are now displayed on our support groups page

•  As an organization, New Beginnings will focus its social event energy on our 8-10 largest – primarily annual – events. We’ll be relying on members of our community to invent, manage and host most of our many smaller events. You’ll get more information soon on how to do this, and hope we can unleash the creativity of our community to offer lots of great activities.

•  We’re going to become more insistent with our requests for financial support from everyone that benefits from, or believes in, our work. While we prefer not to put a price tag on every event, we will expect people that are able to help pay the bills by contributing. The details will be spelled out in our materials for those events.

Trust me when I say I’d rather not make these changes, but the only alternative is to “pull the plug” on everything we do – which remains a possibility – but I won’t give up without a fight!

The best thing you can do right now to support New Beginnings, if you haven’t already, is to become a 2023 Supporting Member of our cause, by donating $100 or more, or by setting up an automatic monthly gift of $15 or more. You can do either of these here. I hope we can count on your support!

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please reply to this message with them and we’ll get back to you right away. Thank you for your participation and support!

Warmest wishes for the New Year!

Davis Fields
Founder and Executive Director
New Beginnings / Divorce and Relationship Recovery Network
davis@fields.net • 650.704.1905