Prayers please for our friend Casey

Please visit this page for the latest updates, or to learn how you can visit Casey in the hospital

Please say a prayer, send wishes, light a candle, or do whatever else you do, please, for our dear friend Casey. A long-time member of our New Beginnings community – and an avid karaoke-singer – Casey was performing Friday night (March 4), suddenly paused, looked bewildered and then collapsed. Fortunately Elizabeth (also from New Beginnings) was there, two audience members rushed to him and lowered him to the ground, and a medical person in the audience rushed to his aid. After an ambulance ride and a very difficult night , he was stabilized, examined, and found to have suffered a very serious brain aneurysm. Surgery was performed on Saturday morning, and he was kept sedated to aid in his healing. He appears to be out of danger but faces a long and difficult recovery.

▲ Casey looking at one of his get-well-soon cards on April 2. See the latest news here

Please visit the GoFundMe web page set up to help with Casey’s many unexpected expenses. There you’ll also find the latest updates on his condition

▲ We honored Casey at our annual “Spring Forward” event in Half Moon Bay on March 13. This photo was printed and given to Casey to enjoy

As of Tuesday the 8th, the doctors are lowering the sedation in order to guage Casey’s mental and physical state, and possibilities for recovery. At best it looks like he’ll be in intensive care for at least another week. He has not been conscious.

▲ Casey at the hospital with harp music and words from his sister Waisee (“YC”) (35 seconds)

Here’s a note for us provided Sunday, March 6, by Casey’s sister. For newer updates, please visit this page:

     Hello everyone. Please say a prayer for my brother Casey. On Friday, March 4, Casey suffered from a grade five aneurysm. There is only six grades to an aneurysm. The sixth means instant death. The doctors had stopped the bleeding in his brain for now now for. His is in critical condition and sedated for the next 10 days in order to keep him stable. He is not able to move or talk.
     My message to all of you is to not take life for granted. I now wish I called Casey more often, I wish I visited him more then I did. I should have told him I loved him more often. Casey is my only sibling. He loves the Lord deeply. I know he is in God’s hand.
     Thank you for reaching out and your prayers. Please add yourself to Casey’s FB page so I can keep you updated. Thank you.

You can send messages of support to Casey and his family via Leda Girardi at – or you can send cards or letters (no flowers please) to Casey c/o Leda Girardi, 112 Huron Avenue, San Mateo CA 94401.

You may forward this information page to others that care about Casey, but please do not post it to social networks. Send them this address: