Temporary access to “Changes That Heal” series videos and handouts

me_banner_IMG_4630_600x200_NfG.pngWe’re pleased that you’ve enjoyed the recent showings of the “Changes That Heal” series in some of our Divorce and Relationship Recovery groups. It’s clear from your feedback that you were touched, challenged, and enlightened by this material.

We got many requests from people that missed a session or two. For that reason we’ve temporarily posted selected sessions of this series for viewing. We’ll take you there in a moment.

But please first consider your financial support of the non-profit Divorce and Relationship Recovery Network that launches and assists groups like yours. Just like ice skating, running a chain of restaurants or producing a movie, there’s a vast amount of never-seen behind-the-scenes work to what we do, and it all takes time and money. We do not require payment for any of our services or events, despite the obvious value that you and our participants get from them. Our work is completely funded by donations from people like you. Our cost for a meeting – our operating budget divided among all our attendees – comes to about $10 per person per meeting. That’s about $40 per person per month, or $500 per person per year. If you’re attending but not currently a donor, we hope you will consider a recurring gift of $40 per month starting now – or any portion of that amount – that you can and want to give. We can’t continue or grow this work without your help!

We’re an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, and you’ll receive a receipt for every gift that you can use when filing your income taxes.

Please thoughtfully consider this request, and give what you feel called to give. And now, yes, see the “Changes That Heal” videos you’re here to see! Thank you!