Useful information for DRR attendees

Here are links to ALL the videos we’ve shown since we started our virtual meetings:

For our “How We Love” series: You can download all our series handouts in a single PDF here.

Add yourself to our text list, if you didn’t get a text reminder for today, at

You can give to our cause by texting the word “give” to 650.681.1928, or by visiting

You’re welcome at ANY of our virtual DRR meetings, if our normal time slot doesn’t work for you. See the days and times at:

Join us for fun Bay Area New Beginnings virtual events at:

Send your topic or video suggestions, or any thoughts about these online meetings, to:

Please invite people to our group, both new people AND former in-person participants that have not made their way yet onto Zoom.

Thank you for participating, and thank you for your support of Divorce and Relationship Recovery!

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