Join us for our “How We Love” series

Identify the sources of relationship missteps, and learn what you can do about them. In this series, Milan and Kay Yerkovich draw on the powerful tool of attachment theory to show how your early life experiences created an underlying blueprint that shapes your behavior, beliefs and expectations of all your relationships. They identify five types of injured imprints that often trap couples in destructive, repetitive patterns. Discover the truths that have transformed countless relationships, and find your way to richer ones for yourself.

During summer 2020, you can view and discuss this series at weekly DRR meetings on Zoom on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. See the days/times and get the Zoom meeting codes

See what the authors’ online attachment style quiz says about you!

This nine-session video series brings their book “How We Love” to life, and also includes information not found in the book. Kay and Milan share personal stories, perform live therapy, and demonstrate a “Holding Time” to help you visualize how to apply this material.

Here’s an overview of the nine sessions of this series:

① Introduction • Comfort Question • Bonding Circles

② The “Avoider” Attachment Style
③ The “Pleaser” Attachment Style
④ The “Vacillator” Attachment Style
⑤ The “Controller” and “Victim” Attachment Styles
⑥ Style Combinations, the Comfort Circle, Listening and Speaking

⑦ Therapy, Extended Listening and the Comfort Circle
⑧ Therapy, Dating, and Holding Time
⑨ Questions and Answers

If you’ve missed or would like to review a session of this series, then please note the session number in the list above, and view the video – and download the worksheet if you like – here

The “How We Love” book is available on Amazon. Be sure you order the book, and not the workbook, unless you want that, too. And for this and your other Amazon shopping, please log into Amazon on our portal page at – and then a portion of all your future Amazon spending will support our work, at no cost to you!

When you purchase on Amazon through this link, ½% (that’s one-half of 1%, or 0.5%) of your total purchases from then on will flow to us. There’s zero cost to you and we would be very grateful!

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