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Q: Is there a minimum donation amount?
A:  Yes, the minimum online transaction is $10.00.

Q:  Will the details of my donation be public?
A:  That is your decision. On this page are check-boxes labeled “post my donation amount” and “post my name.” If you allow those, that information will appear on this donation page. If you write anything in the “Donor Scroll” box on this page, it will appear with or without your name and/or donation amount. We appreciate it when our donors post positive “donor scroll” comments, and post their donation amounts, even if they choose not to display their names.

Use the “Donor Scroll” area to say something about the value or impact of our work. We hope you will leave the “donation amount” box checked, even if you choose not to display your name.

▲ These examples show comments written for the “Donor Scroll,” with the donor name and amount posted (left) and not posted (right). We appreciate positive comments in either case.

Q:  Will my photo appear on this page?
A:  This is also completely optional. You’ll have an opportunity later to allow – or not allow – the inclusion of your Facebook profile photo, or to supply another photo of your choice.

Q: Can I mail you a check instead of giving online?
A:  Absolutely. Checks can be mailed (with your e-mail address enclosed, please) to:

Divorce and Relationship Recovery Network
Suite 265
555 Bryant Street
Palo Alto CA 94301

Q: Can I share information about this cause on my social networks?
A:  Yes, you can. Click the icons along the edge of the donation page, and we’ll create an item you can post with a single click on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google.

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