“Rescue Your Love Life” videos and handouts

from Session 1 of “Rescue Your Love Life,” about the origins of the eight “dumb relationship attitudes” examined in the series

The “Rescue Your Love Life” series, with Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, is about “dumb relationship attitudes.” Each week it examines a commonly-heard belief about relationships, shows where it comes from and why it’s flawed – and sometimes a formula for disaster – and how to replace it with a healthier, more realistic attitude.

Although the book’s cover includes the phrase “eight attitudes that will sink your marriage,” we’ve found it useful for anyone trying to build relationship skills, to understand past relationship problems.

The “Rescue Your Love Life” material is available in various formats at the publisher’s web site www.growthskills.org and the book is available on Amazon.

The first session of this series is available below for viewing, and – when we’re using this series in one or more of our groups – we post selected other sessions for people that may have missed one or want to see it again. Material that does not appear as a link is not available online at this time.

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“Rescue Your Love Life” week 1 of 8
He/She Should Make Some Changes  (32 minutes, book chapter 1 )
handout here

“Rescue Your Love Life” week 2 of 8
He/She Should Make Me Happy  (36 minutes, book chapter 2)
handout here 

“Rescue Your Love Life” week 3 of 8
He/She Should Be Perfect for Me  (31 minutes, book chapter 3)
handout here

“Rescue Your Love Life” week 4 of 8
We Should Never Hurt Each Other  (31 minutes, book chapter 4)
handout here

“Rescue Your Love Life” week 5 of 8
He/She Should Read My Mind  (32 minutes, book chapter 5)
handout here

“Rescue Your Love Life” week 6 of 8
We Should Never Fight  (30 minutes, book chapter 6)
handout here

“Rescue Your Love Life” week 7 of 8
We Should Trust Each Other Without Question  (32 minutes, book chapter 7)
handout here

“Rescue Your Love Life” week 8 of 8
The Sex Should Be Perfect  (33 minutes, book chapter 8)
handout here