About the New Beginnings 2022 “Spring Forward” Celebration

On Sunday, March 13, 2022, we held our 8th Annual “Spring Forward” event, to celebrate the extra hour of evening sun that came from changing the clocks early that morning. It was our biggest “Spring Forward” ever!

3½-minute video of the “Ocean Challenge” part of our event. This year eight New Beginnings people got in the 47˚ Pacific Ocean, in an extraordinary display of courage and poor judgment: Angelica, Davis, Jean-Luc, Mary, Molly, Nancy, Raj and Verity.
We also honored our long-time member and friend Casey, who suffered a brain aneurysm a week before the event and is on a long road to recovery. Learn more here – where you can also contribute to a GoFundMe campaigh to help with his many unanticipated expenses
See over 75 photos of the day posted on meetup.com (and if you were there and haven’t done it yet, post your own best photos!)

Lost and Found: Davis has a fold-up blue and white chair that someone left at the beach, as well as a wine bottle opener with handles decorated with red beads. Davis lost a Timex Iranman digital watch. It beeps every day at 1:00pm. Text 650.704.1905 about any of these items

Learn about and RSVP today for our 9th Annual – and possibly final“Spring Forward” in March 2023!

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