“Safe People” videos and handouts (in ten sessions)

You’ll find selected session from our “Safe People” series below. This page is for the original or “classic” version of this series, which we usually show in our groups over ten weeks. To the best of our knowledge, this “classic” version of the series is no longer commercially available for purchase. A newer version of this series is available from the GrowthSkills store, available as a DVD, digital download, or CD (audio only). The “Changes That Heal” book is also available there, and on Amazon.

This page is under construction. We’ll be adding a description of the “Safe People” series, and separate handouts for each of the ten sessions. In the meantime, they are temporarily posted in a single PDF file here

If a video listed below is not posted, but should be, please let us know here.

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“Safe People” week 1 of 10
Introduction (book introduction)
handout here

“Safe People” week 2 of 10
What is an Unsafe Person? (book chapter 1)
handout here

“Safe People” week 3 of 10
Personal Traits of Unsafe People (book chapter 2)
handout here

“Safe People” week 4 of 10
Interpersonal Traits of Unsafe People (book chapter 3)
handout here

“Safe People” week 5 of 10
How We Lost Our Safety (book chapter 4)
handout here

“Safe People” week 6 of 10 (two video segments)
Do I Have a Safety Deficit? (book chapter 5)
Why Do I Choose Unsafe Relationships? (book chapter 6)
handout here

“Safe People” week 7 of 10 (two video segments)
False Solutions (book chapter 7)
Why Do I Isolate Myself from People?  (book chapter 8)
handout here

“Safe People” week 8 of 10
What Are Safe People – and Why Do I Need Them? (book chapters 9-10)
handout here

 “Safe People” week 9 of 10 (two video segments)
 Where are the Safe People? (book chapter 11)
Learning How to Be Safe (book chapter 12)

handout here

“Safe People” week 10 of 10
Repair or Replace? (book chapter 13)
handout here

We welcome your comments on this series below!

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