“Starting Over” series videos and handouts

From to time we post the most recent videos and handouts from our meetings. You’ll find the most recent ones below for our phenomenal Andy Stanley series  “Starting Over: So Next Time Won’t Be Like Last Time. These are posted for group members that may have missed a session, or might want to view one again.

You can view this and other video series from Andy Stanley and North Point Community Church at: www.northpoint.org/messages

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“Starting Over” session 1 of 4: Introduction and Three Myths
view video here  •  download handout here

“Starting Over” session 2 of 4: Own It
view video here  •  download handout here
(note: two-page handout for this session)

“Starting Over” session 3 of 4: Rethink It
view video here  •  download handout here

“Starting Over” session 4 of 4: Release It
view video here  •  download handout here