There are many ways – besides providing financial support – that you can help us achieve our mission, and we’d like to talk with you about any of the opportunities below, or any ideas you may have.

We are happy to consider either limited-time, internship-like roles, or longer-term ones. Nearly all these roles will include “doing” (setting something up and operating it for a period of time) and “teaching” (training us how to do it ourselves or move it to future volunteers or employees). As you’ll see below, we’re constantly refining our volunteer needs!

Constant Contact: We’re partway through a conversion to the cloud-based e-mail system Constant Contact, so we can more efficiently serve all our constituencies with the regular information they wish to receive. If you have prior work experience with Constant Contact, we’d love to get “up to speed” as quickly and professionally as possible.

Meetup site administration and planning: We administer the Meetup sites for each of the Divorce and Relationship Recovery groups we support or have launched. Keeping these sites up-to-date, fresh and compelling is the assignment here, and perhaps setting up a system to more methodically re-use content (text, graphics, video, etc.) across all the sites. We’d also like help planning how each group can take on some or all of the responsibility for its own Meetup site over time.

Facebook presence: We know this medium is important, and we already have a Facebook presence at www.facebook.com/divorceandrelationshiprecovery – but we know we are using Facebook to only a fraction of its potential. If you’re a Facebook master, and have used it to support a large non-profit or commercial enterprise, we would love your help.

LinkedIn: We don’t even have a LinkedIn presence yet, and are less sure how important it is compared to one on Facebook, but we’d like someone to figure that out with us, and take us “live” there if that makes sense.

Blogging or video blogging “vlogging”: Not sure how soon we want or need to do this, or how it maps into the Constant Contact effort, but we’d like to get smart about this. Can you help?

Video: We’d like at least a few high-impact videos of our founder, some of our participants, and perhaps some of our partners, talking about the our mission and its value. We’d like video content that could be used flexibly on this site, on Meetup sites, on Facebook and of course on YouTube, and the expertise to successfully post them in those channels.

Bookkeeping: In 2013 we logged all our transactions in an Excel spreadsheet, but that’s quickly becoming cumbersome and inefficient. We did not want to commit ourselves to the wrong software platform, but we suspect that QuickBooks would serve ue best, and would love to have someone with Quickbooks experience help us set it up thoughtfully but quickly.

Nonprofit status certification and maintenance: There’s apparently no end to the list of tasks to complete and maintain the 501(c)(3) certification that officially identifies us as a non-profit organization, with US Federal authorities, with the State of California where we are based, and possibly in each state where our groups operate or our donors reside. Prior successes with this would be great.

Fundraising – top local employers: More info coming soon. This is about compiling a list of the top 25 (?) local employers, contacting them, saying “we’re helping some of your employees right now to keep the wheels on through traumatic life changes, and we’d like your financial support”

Fundraising – foundations: More info coming soon. We know this takes a long time, but we also know that significant financial support is available if we work in the right ways with the right foundations

Fundraising – professional donors: More info coming soon. The idea here is to request support from professionals who make their livings, in part or in full, providing services to people like our attendees: lawyers, mediators, financial planners, estate planners, child custody consultants, therapists, and so on. One would think they’d like to “give back” in a meaningful way, and get some measure of visibility before our attendees for doing it

Fundraising – local business: More info coming soon. This is about gaining support from local businesses that are not specifically targeted at our attendees, but can be seen all the time supporting local sports teams, events, and other non-profits. These could be grocery stores, banks, retail outlets, whatever

Prospecting for new Divorce and Relationship Recovery group venues: More info coming soon. This is about finding locations for new groups based on the criteria shown on our Find a Group page